Payment Issues

If you're experiencing issues paying for Advanced Views Framework: Pro Edition, please read through these common questions to help you troubleshoot.

My payment failed. Should I try again and again?

No, please DO NOT attempt multiple times. If the payment failed once, it's likely to fail again, so you'd need to troubleshoot the issue. Multiple failed attempts could cause your Bank Card to get locked for security.

Why does my payment fail, though my card works?

Our payment gateway supports all countries where MasterCard and Visa cards are issued (about 210 countries worldwide). So, if you've made online payments with your card before, you should have no issue paying for our plugin either.

There are 3 common errors, which prevent successful payments:

  1. Insufficient funds

  2. Exceeded Internet Payment limit

  3. Incorrect 2-factor authentication (2FA) code

Please check the 3 points above and make sure it's not the case for you.

Two-factor Authentication (2FA)

2FA is a One-Time Pin sent from your Bank at the time of transaction.

Important! OTP is not your Card CVV code or your Card ATM Pin.

Currency of payments

Our receiving Bank account is in Ukraine, therefore your payment currency can be shown in USD or UAH (Ukrainian Hryvna) depending on your Bank.

If UAH is shown, then don't worry, it's an automatic currency conversion that minimizes unnecessary transaction fees. The amount charged will always be equal to the USD amount of the chosen pricing tier.


Still, having issues?

When you've checked all the common issues above, but still unable to make payment.

Contact us using the support form, or online chat on the Pro page. We'd be happy to assist.

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