Current post with field value comparison

To compare with a field value, you can use $post$.field-name, where 'field-name' should be replaced with the name of your target field. In this way, the plugin will automatically get and use a value of the field from the current page in the query.

Example usage: find all posts where a 'select' field has the same option chosen, as the option chosen on the current page.

Date to current date and time comparison

To compare the value in an ACF Date or an ACF Date/Time field to the current date and time by using $now$ as the value to compare by.

Note: $now$ will be replaced with the current date and time the page is viewed. You can also add or remove periods. For example, you can use '$now$ + 1 day' or '$now$ - 1 week'. The following period keys are supported: minute, hour, day, week and month.

Example usage: find all posts where 'date' field value is "Bigger than" current date and time. So as to show only upcoming events in the posts grid or list.

Extended support for Post_object and Relationship fields

Advanced Views Framework: Pro Edition supports Post_object and Relationship field types in the Meta filters.

Step by step guide

See the how to guide here.

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