Card Shortcode

This page contains Card specific shortcode arguments. You can read about general arguments, that are the same for Views and Card here.

Default shortcode

Note: this displays the Card, posts will be queried according to the filters and displayed according to the selected View, replace card-id="651d5d747423a" with the ID of your Card.
[acf_cards name="Name of Card" card-id="651d5d747423a"]
// a) using do_shortcode
echo do_shortcode('[acf_cards name="Name of Card" card-id="651d5d747423a"]');
// b) using the special plugin class
use Org\Wplake\Advanced_Views\Bridge\Advanced_Views;
echo Advanced_Views::card_shortcode('651d5d747423a', 'name')
By default, Card shortcodes contain two arguments: "name" and "card-id". The "name" is used for clarification purposes only and doesn't play any functional role. The "card-id" argument is the most important as it allows Advanced Views to associate the shortcode with a specific Card.