Blade is another renowned template engine that you can use in AVF as a Twig alternative. You can read why we use it, and compare it with the Twig alternative here.

Important: Blade requires PHP 8.2.0 or later, while Twig requires PHP 7.4 (the same as WordPress). You should continue using Twig if you can't change the PHP version of your website for any reason.


Using Blade over Twig is a good idea if you're a seasoned PHP developer, as Blade, unlike Twig, is closer to PHP and allows you to call any PHP (and WordPress) functions directly within the template.

For example, you can call a WordPress translate ('__') function for any string like this:

{{ __("string", "domain") }}

Keep in mind that the output is escaped, so if you need to print a variable with HTML, you need to define a raw output by replacing the curly brackets with exclamation marks, like this:

{!! $my_var !!}

You can read more about Blade in the official docs.

Blade version

If you're wondering, AVF uses version 11.7.0 of the illuminate/view package.

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