Display Nested Repeater Fields

Nested Repeaters and/or Nested Groups are fully supported in Advanced Views without limitations.

a) Create a new View ('Primary')

  1. On the Fields tab, click the 'Add field' button.

  2. Choose the repeater field.

  3. After selecting the repeater field, you'll see a new 'Sub-fields' tab appear in the row. Click on it.

  4. Select all the fields you want to display, including the sub-field with the repeater type.

  5. Save the current View.

b) Create a new View ('Internal'):

  1. On the Fields tab, choose your group in the 'parent group' field.

  2. In the parent field, select the 'repeater sub-field' from the previous step.

  3. Click the 'Add field' button and add all the sub-fields you want to display.

  4. Save the current View.

c) Amend the 'Primary' View:

  1. Find the 'repeater' field in the fields list.

  2. Open the 'Sub-fields' tab and locate the target 'repeater' sub-field.

  3. Fill out the "View" setting by choosing the 'Internal' View.

  4. Save the current View.

You're done! Now you can copy the shortcode of the 'Primary' View and paste it into the target location.

This enables you to create as many nested levels as needed.

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