Comparison Table

Use this table to compare the features of Advanced Views Framework: Lite Edition and Advanced Views Framework: Pro Edition and determine which one is better suited to your needs.


Different field groups within one View

Multiple data vendors support (WP, Woo, ACF, MetaBox, Pods)

Loading fields from different sources (Post, User, Taxonomy, Comment, Options page, Menu)

Automatically generated Default template

Built-in CSS and JS code fields

File System storage option (IDE/Git friendly)

Developer mode with quick edit links

Custom detailed look for items from relational field types (Post/User/Taxonomy)

Repeater/ Group/ Flexible Fields support (including inner, like repeater in repeater)

Slider & Masonry, Inline Gallery options for Gallery fields

AJAX pagination for query results in Card

Slider option for Repeater/ Card items

Lightbox option for image fields

Map display customization (Address, custom marker icon)

Shortcodes in View and Card templates supported

Custom Reusable Component Libraries (based on Git)

Extra items in the Pre-built components library

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