Displays images for the Gallery field type.

In the Basic version, if you add a Gallery field to your View it will display the list of images in the default layout. In the Pro version you’ll be able to change the Gallery Layout to Masonry plus the option to enable the Lightbox with slider options.

Note: For the Masonry Gallery Layout to work you’d need to ensure that the Return Format is set to Image Array or Image ID. Choosing the Image URL doesn’t provide the necessary image dimensions.

How to use it

Edit or add a new View.

Select the Group containing the gallery field.

Select the Gallery field from the Field dropdown, and select the Image Size.

From the Gallery layout dropdown, select your preferred layout.

Selecting the Simple or LightGallery option will enable the Lightbox slider.

Publish or update your View.

Customize the Lightbox in the JS Code field under the CSS & JS tab.


Masonry last image stretching

How to fix it using CSS overrides

Copy the following CSS snippet into your ACF View -> Advanced Tab -> CSS Code field.

// masonry images last image fix stretching
#view .acf-view__image-outer {
    width: fit-content !important;

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