The Post Object field creates an interactive dropdown to select one or more posts, pages, or custom post type items. This field type uses the Select2 library to enable search and AJAX functionality.

How to use it

In the Lite version, if you add these fields to your View they will be displayed as links. For example you could use the field to link to a different post or post type or to create a read more link.

Display fields from assigned post_object (Pro feature)

Sometimes, instead of displaying the selected post as a link, you may need to display some fields of the selected post with your current View. With the Pro version, you can do this.

Add a new View that will be used to display the fields e.g. 'portfolio stub'.

Edit your current "parent" View and select the portfolio stub View from the dropdown.

Use a Relational field to 'link' two Custom Post Types (CPT) together. Combine it with a Meta Filter (Pro) to display related content.

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