Single View and Card for different languages

Advanced Views uses the built-in WordPress translation function __('field label', 'themeDomain') for all View and Card labels. This allows you to translate labels seamlessly using your preferred multilingual plugin, eliminating the need for creating a separate View or Card for every language.

Labels detection in your translation tool

To streamline this process further, you can active the File system storage. The Advanced Views Framework will automatically deposit the labels into special files when Views or Cards are saved. It enables the use of the 'scan' feature in your translation tool, automatically loading all labels for efficient translation.

Translate labels within templates (Pro)

Multilingual capabilities extend to the Twig templates as well. To translate labels within your Twig template, employ our translation function or filter.

Upon saving a View or Card, the Advanced Views Framework will scan of all these translation calls and interact with them in the same manner, like with the labels from the UI, described above.

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