Display Custom Post Type (CPT) on another post

Use a View item to display fields for a Custom Post Type on another post.

Step by step guide

Visit the Advanced Views Framework tab in WordPress backend.

Click the Add New button to add a new View.

Enter a Name for your View.

Click the Add Field button in the Fields section.

Then select the target Group from the list and the Field from the dropdown.

Continue to Add Fields until they've all been assigned.

Click on the Publish button to save and publish your View.

Copy the shortcode of your View from the sidebar.

Paste the shortcode in a post or page.

Modify the shortcode and insert the object-id parameter, as well as adding the ID of the post you want to display, then click the Publish button to save.

Remember to fill out the fields on the post of the ID you've used.

Visit the page containing the shortcode to see the results.

Learn more about the Views shortcode parameters.

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