Group (Pro)

The Group field provides a way to structure fields into groups. It assists in better organizing the edit screen UI as well as the data. Advanced Views supports nested groups without limitations.

ACF and MetaBox Groups utilize similar principles and provide a comparable user experience. Therefore, the information provided below applies to both metadata vendors.

Note: It's important to keep in mind that MetaBox groups have the 'clonable' setting, which allows the field to be turned into a repeater.

How to use it

Select the Group field from the Field list. You can add a label as a prefix.

Switch to the Sub Fields tab, and assign the Group sub fields.

Click Update or Publish to save and publish your View.

Copy the shortcode, and paste it on a post or page.

Fill the fields, and click update or publish to save your post or page.

Visit your post or page to see the results.

The Group field type can be used in a similar way as the Repeater field.

Step by step guide

See how to use nested Group field types guide.

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