Assign fields from WordPress built-in post fields and metadata.

Make field selection from;

  • Title - For the title of the post.
  • Title with link - For the title of the post with a link to the post.
  • Content - For the editor content.
  • Excerpt - For post description excerpt.
  • Featured Image - For the featured image of the post.
  • Featured Image with link - For the featured image with a link to the post.
  • Author - For the author of the post.
  • Published date - For the date the post was published.
  • Modified date - For the date the post was last modified.

Step by step guide

Select Post (WordPress) field Group to assign post fields to your View.
Pro Feature: Post (WordPress) Author field has the option to assign a View.

See it in action

Visit the Demo page.


Excerpt not showing?
When assigning fields and using the $post$ group with 'Excerpt' from the list, it displays no Excerpt from the post description.

Turn on Excerpt support for your Custom Post Type.

For ACF - Visit ACF -> Post Types -> Advanced Settings -> General and enable "Excerpt". For CPT UI - Visit CPT UI -> Add/Edit Post Types -> Select -> Supports section -> Enable "Excerpt".