Current Post

Use a Meta Filter to compare current post ID.

How to use it

Create your Card and assign a View as usual. (See Creating Your First Card).

Switch to the Meta Filters tab.

Click on the Add Rule button.

Click on the Add Field button.

In the Group field select the field group.

Select the Field from the dropdown.

For the Comparison field, select how you would like to compare the fields.

Enter $post$ in the Value field to pick up the post ID.

Click Update to save your Card.

Note: adding more than one Rule will create a relation to control how field rules will be joined within the meta query.

Note: Do you want to customize a query (WP_Query) that is used to get posts for a Card, but the option is missing in the UI? Continue reading about the Card Filters.

Current post with field value comparison

See how to use it here.

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