Repeater (Pro)

The Repeater field provides a neat solution for repeating content – think slides, team members, CTA tiles and alike.

ACF offers a dedicated field type called Repeater, whereas MetaBox provides the Group field exclusively. However, enabling the 'clonable' setting of the MetaGroup effectively transforms it into a repeater.

Repeater acts as a parent to a set of sub fields which can be repeated again and again. What makes this field type so special is its versatility. Any kind of field can be used within a Repeater, and there are no limits to the number of repeats either (Unless defined in the field settings).

How to use it

Select your repeater field Group, then select the repeater Field from the dropdown.

Enable Slider, by selecting an optional library from the list.

Switch to the Sub Fields tab, and assign the Group sub fields.

Click on the Update button to save your View.

Copy the shortcode into the post, page or CPT where you want to display the fields.

Fill out the fields as required, then click Publish or Update to save your page or post.

Visit your page to see the result.

Nested repeaters

Nested repeaters are fully supported in Advanced Views Framework: Pro Edition without limitations.

Step by step guide

See the how to guide here.

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