These are the plugin specific options found on the settings page.


Development mode - Enable to display quick access links on the front and make error messages more detailed (for admins only).

File system storage - Enable to store View and Card data inside the theme folder (instead of the database). This allows you to edit files using your favourite editor (IDE), and do version control with auto sync. Read more

Disable automatic reports - Automatic error and usage reports to developers, enabling faster issue resolution and plugin improvement. The reports do not include any private or sensitive information.


Web components type - Controls the web component setting for new Views and Cards. It has options for Classic and Shadow DOM (CSS isolated).

Classes generation - Controls classes generation in the Default Template for new Views and Cards. It has options for BEM style, the default and none.

Git repositories (Pro)

By saving Views and Cards in your GitLab repository (free tariff), you can create your own library and reuse them on other websites. Read more


Error logs - Contains PHP warnings and errors related to the plugin. The error logs are deleted upon plugin upgrade or deactivation.

Internal logs - Contains plugin warnings and debug messages if the development mode is enabled. The logs are deleted upon plugin deactivation.

Generate debug dump - Turn this on and click 'Save changes' to download the file. The above logs and other information about your server environment will be included. Send this to Advanced Views Support on request.

Generate a debug dump file

See how to generate a Debug dump here.


How do I delete the plugin data?

When you deactivate the Advanced Views plugin then an option to delete data will be displayed.

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