Starter theme

Advanced Views is a flexible framework that can be used for both small changes on existing websites and building entire websites from scratch.

In the latter case, using AVF will simplify the creation of a modern, modular, and fast front-end. AVF doesn't force you to use specific tools. for example, you can use Tailwind, opt for Bootstrap, or style manually following BEM.

At WPLake, we use Tailwind for building from scratch, and here is the repository with our starter theme and a how-to-use explanation.

You can customize that block theme or create based on a classic theme. We do not recommend including commonly-used blocks (like featured section) in the starter theme.

Instead, you should use the Reusable Components Library feature of AVF, or import/export tools for this purpose.

Reading about the usage of Sass, TypeScript, and Tailwind on this Docs page will help you get familiar with how it works.

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