Our plugin works out-of-the-box and doesn't require any special setup on your hosting and it won't break the features of other third-party plugins.

List of supported Third-party Plugins

These plugins work well with Advanced Views.

Filter Everything - Product Filter & WordPress Filter

ACF: Google Maps Field (Multiple Markers)

ACF OpenStreetMap Field


Below we've listed known issues. If you have any compatibility issues please contact us.

1. Hosting

Although the Advanced Views Framework works well with any default hosting setup, some hosting providers may have some settings that they consider as default.

1.1 Opcache with an option to remove comments

Websites hosted on a Linux server with the opcache php module enabled, with the setting to remove comments from code (which is not default behaviour) will experience issues with the View and/or Card user interface.

How to fix it

Contact you hosting provider and ask support to disable this option on your account.


Do it yourself by opening your php.ini file and modifying the line with opcache.save_comments changing the value to "1".


Why does this happen and why are comments in code critical?

Some libraries use comments to classes and class fields (PHPDoc) to keep meta information. A common example is PHP Doctrine. Our plugin also relies on PHPDoc.

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