Smart templates for the WordPress front-end, simplifying post queries and template creation.

The Better Way to Query and Display Content

A specialized WordPress framework designed to enhance and customize content display and functionality.

A modern, straightforward, yet versatile solution.

🌟 One Tool. Many Content Sources

Advanced Views plugin can pull data from multiple sources.

Out-of-the-box, the plugin supports over 130 field types from 5 different data vendors:

🎨 Tool for Everybody

  • Made for Web Developers.

  • Website Owner Friendly.

  • Easy for Web Designers.

πŸ•΅οΈβ€β™‚οΈ See the Plugin in Action

Visit the live playground we’ve prepared for you.

πŸ›Έ Development without hassle

High-quality results without the time-consuming steps.

  • Provides a Robust foundation

  • Reduces the time required for project implementation

  • Smart tool without the typical pitfalls of page builders

🎯Many Reasons to Love It

πŸ’‘ Built-in Data Binding with Template Generation

Focus on critical aspects of your project rather than grappling with data conversions and extensive documentation.

  • On-the-fly data format conversions

  • Automated template generation

πŸ“’ Up-to-date Smart Templates

Assists with maintaining the connection between fields in the database and their usage within the template.

  • Built-in template validation with a bulk option

  • Code editor for quick template changes

  • File system storage option when using IDE, Version control or Sass/Typescript assets

βš™οΈ Simplified DB Queries

Wrapper for the built-in WordPress functions to simplify querying.

🧩 Pre-built Components Library

Includes a set of commonly used elements.

  • Quick to get started

  • Easy to customize

  • Meta fields and responsive CSS rules are included

πŸ“š Extensive Docs and Friendly Support

Official documentation that covers all the main aspects and features, with helpful guides on how to use and extend functionality.

πŸ”— Much More Available in Pro!

See Pro Features

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