Upgrading from Lite to Pro

Learn how to upgrade from Advanced Views Framework: Lite Edition to our paid Pro plugin.

Purchasing an Advanced Views Framework: Pro Edition license

Start by visiting our Pro Plugin page. This page will show you our Pro plugin features and pricing tiers. Each tier has the same features and Unlimited Dev domains and more or Unlimited Live domains.

When you're ready, click the Buy Now button to be taken to the Checkout page.

If you have a Coupon Code, then insert the coupon code into the field at the top of the page.

Fill out your Billing details and Change payment method (if needed) then click Continue to Payment.

If you're renewing your license, then also insert your License key to get 20% discount.

You will be taken to the Fondy Payment Gateway where you need to to fill out your Card Number, Card Expiry Date and CVV2/CVC2.

Click on the Pay button and follow the on screen prompts to verify your payment.

You'll receive an email receipt of your purchase, delivered to the email address you just used at checkout. This email will include a link to download the Pro plugin archive.

Dev and Live Domains

Activating a license key on a Live domain will automatically attach that domain to the license. See domain criteria below. If you need to detach a domain, contact us anytime.

Dev Domains

We’ll consider a domain as a development (dev) domain if it fits one or more of the following criteria;

  • The domain has a dev or stage related subdomain label; Examples of these are: test.*, testing.*, sandbox.*, dev.*, local.*, stage.*, staging.*

  • The domain has a dev-related TLD; *.local, *.loc, *.localhost, *.test

  • The domain has one of these stage related parents;

    *.kinsta.cloud, *.flywheelstaging.com, *.wpengine.com, *.sg-host.com

  • The domain is a single segment (localhost)

  • Domain is an IP address Example:

If your dev/stage domain doesn't fit any of the criteria above, let us know.

Live Domains

We'll consider a domain as a live domain, when it doesn't fit any of the above criteria.

Fair license usage policy

All our plans include an 'Unlimited' number of development domains. This means you can use one license key for as many development domains as you need, as long as you or your agency are actively developing them. However, sharing the license key with a third party, whether publicly (such as on your website) or privately (such as in forums or Telegram channels), is strictly prohibited.

The same policy applies to the statement regarding 'unlimited' live domains.

If we detect suspicious usage, such as activating numerous new domains daily, we will request confirmation that you are indeed developing them. Failure to provide confirmation may result in your license being locked without any possibility of a refund.

Renewing an existing license

When renewing an existing license before the expiration date, then the days left on the license will automatically be added onto the new license.

Note: If you're renewing a license, but have chosen a different tier, then the days left on the license will, unfortunately not be added to the new license.


When using your license key with a Multi-site setup. Activate your License Key on the Network Admin so it's activated on the primary domain (e.g. yourdomain.com).

This will allow you to update the plugin on the sub sites (e.g. sub.yourdomain.com).

Note: The plugin won't need to be active on the Network Admin all the time, only when doing updates.

Upgrading a license type

If you'd like to upgrade your license to a different tier, then please contact us.

Expired license behavior

An active Pro license provides automatic security and compatibility updates, along with access to Pro features. Once your license expires, you will no longer receive updates, and the Pro features will switch to 'backward-compatibility only' mode.

This means that all existing things created using Pro features will continue to function, but you will be unable to modify any Pro-related settings or create new content using Pro features.

Lite features will remain operational in their standard mode.

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