Display ACF images, Post Featured images.

In the Basic version, if you add an Image field to your View you'll have the option to the select Image Size. In the Pro version you can enable the image Lightbox and slider option.

Crop images

Default crop sizes are available for selection when assigning an image field in your View.

Note: Professional themes often come with additional crop sizes, these will also be available in the list for selection.

How to use this feature

Visit the Advanced Views tab in WordPress backend.

Click on the Edit link or Title of your View to edit.

Click the Add Field button.

Select Post (WordPress) from the Group dropdown.

Select Featured Image field from the list or Select Featured Image with link. Or any other group and field that is an image field type.

An extra Field appears called Image Size, select the preferred image size from the list.

Click on the Update button to save and publish your View.

Follow the guide above to assign an image field to your View.

From the Lightbox dropdown, select Simple for a lightbox with no settings, or select LightGallery for a richer looking lightbox, with slider and settings to control the functionality.

Publish or update your View.

Customize the Lightbox in the JS Code field under the CSS & JS tab.

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