Field Options

Read more about the plugin and the user interface.

All field types

  • Identifier - Used in the markup. Allowed symbols : letters, numbers, underline and dash. Important! It should be unique within the group.
  • Default Value - Set up a default value, only used when the field value is empty.
  • Show When Empty - By default, empty fields are hidden. Turn on to show even when the field has no value.
  • Open link in a new tab (For Link field types) - By default, this setting is inherited from ACF, if available. Turn it on to always open link in a new tab.
  • Values delimiter - If multiple values are chosen, you can define their delimiter here. HTML is supported.
  • Masonry: Row Min Height - Minimum height of a row in px.
  • Masonry: Gutter - Margin between items in px.
  • Masonry: Mobile Gutter - Margin between items on mobile in px.
Sub Fields - Repeater and Group field types
  • Add Sub Field - Used for adding sub field rows to your Repeater field Each sub field field can potentially have the same Field and Field Options depending on the ACF field type.