The Export/Import tool is great for backing up your Views and Card items, making it easier to launch your updates.


Used for exporting your Views and Cards to a .txt file.

Note: Related ACF /Meta Box or Pods Field Groups won’t be included, you need to handle them separately.

How to use it

Switch on Export All Views and Export All Cards to export all of the items. Alternatively select the relevant Views and Cards to export from the list. Click on the Process button to export the file.

Once the export has completed, you'll see a Success! message with the amount of Views and Cards that were exported.


Used for importing your Views and Cards from the exported .txt file.

Important! First import the related ACF, Meta Box or Pods Field Groups then import your Views and Cards.

How to use it

Switch to the Import tab, click on Add File button to upload the 'acf-views-export-yyyy-mm-dd.txt' file.

Once the import file has been assigned, click on the Process button to import.

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