Advanced Views Framework: Pro Edition

Learn how to install the Advanced Views Framework: Pro Edition plugin.

Once you've purchased a license, you can complete the upgrade process by following the steps below.

Visit the Plugins list, click Add New Plugin, then click Upload Plugin.

Click on Choose File and locate the downloaded Advanced Views Framework: Pro Edition package, then click Open.

Click on Install Now and wait for the package to upload and install, then click Activate Plugin.

Note: Advanced Views Framework: Lite Edition will automatically be deactivated.

You can safely delete Advanced Views Framework from the Plugins list. (Donโ€™t worry, deleting the Lite plugin wonโ€™t delete your data.)

In the Plugins list for Advanced Views Framework: Pro Edition click Activate your Pro license. Or from the Advanced Views Framework menu, "License" or on the "Unlicensed" tab.

Copy and paste your License Key, then click Update.

If you're not sure if you're license is active or not, look for the tell tale signs.

Enjoy all the features and settings Advanced Views Framework: Pro Edition has to offer with automatic updates. Customers with an Active Pro license have personal support via our support form.

Dev and Live Domains

Activating a license key on a website will automatically attach that domain to the license. See domain criteria below. If you need to detach a domain, contact us anytime.

Dev Domains

Weโ€™ll consider a domain as a development (dev) domain if it fits one or more of the following criteria;

  1. The domain has a dev or stage related subdomain label; Examples of these are: test.*, testing.*, sandbox.*, dev.*, local.*, stage.*, staging.*

  2. The domain has a dev related TLD; *.local, *.loc, *.localhost, *.test

  3. The domain has one of these stage related parents;

    *, *, *, *, *, *

  4. The domain is a single segment (localhost)

  5. Domain is an IP address Example:

If your dev/stage domain doesn't fit any of the criteria above, let us know.

Live Domains

We'll consider a domain as a live domain, when it doesn't fit any of the above criteria.

Renewing an existing license

When renewing an existing license before the expiration date, then the days 'left' on the license will automatically be added onto the new license.

Important: If you're renewing a license, but have chosen a different tier, then the days that are 'left' on the license will, unfortunately not be added to the new license.


When using your license key with a Multi-site setup. Activate your License Key on the Network Admin so it's activated on the primary domain (e.g.

This will allow you to update the plugin on the sub sites (e.g.

Note: The plugin won't need to be "active" on the Network Admin all the time, only when doing updates.

Upgrading a license type

If you'd like to upgrade your license please contact us.

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