ACF Views Plugin For WordPress


Display posts and custom fields using shortcodes.
The views are reusable and their shortcodes can be pasted ANYWHERE (that supports shortcodes e.g. Gutenberg shortcode block or WooCommerce product page) with ANY THEME using ANY PAGE BUILDER.
Important! "ACF Views" plugin requires Advanced Custom Fields plugin to be enabled on your website (either Free or PRO version).


Almost all plugins use a Custom Post Type (CPT) to store their data, even WooCommerce products. Getting the return format to display the field values is often complex, forcing you to revisit the documentation.
ACF Views supports a lot of the field types including repeater subfields.
Once fields from your ACF field group have been assigned to your View, you can add your own custom CSS classes and styles and in ACF Views PRO you can even edit the HTML markup for full control of your View.

Display Content

Solve all these scenarios and more without coding.
  • Display a page's ACF fields on the same page. See Guide​
  • Display a default post with its fields. See Guide​
  • Display specific post or CPT item with its fields
  • Display specific ACF fields for all items of a CPT

Powerful Features

  • Use ACF View item to display ACF fields for a specific post/page/CPT item. See Guide​
  • Use ACF Card item to choose a set of posts (or CPT items) and display them with their ACF fields.
  • Display built-in post fields (like title or thumbnail) in your view along with ACF fields. See Guide​
  • Define Custom CSS & JS. See Guide​
  • Display fields from another post, page or CPT item. See Guide​
  • Combine fields from different ACF groups in one View. See Guide​
  • Restrict access to ACF View or ACF Card by user roles.

Get More with PRO

Do you need more? We have a PRO version with extra features:
  • Edit HTML Markup for more advanced layouts, edit the markup output of your view and card with endless possibilities. Do you want to change the default post markup to get 2 columns? This feature is made for you. Still without coding, only HTML knowledge is necessary.
  • Filter posts by meta and taxonomies Use AJAX pagination Make your post selection more precise with meta field filters or taxonomy filters. Use AJAX pagination (button, page numbers or infinity scroll) for a set of posts without coding!
  • Repeater field type Unlock the use of repeater field type to display your set of items within a View (instead of creation CPT). Do you want to have a grid or a list in your view? This feature was made for you.
  • Add Custom Gutenberg blocks Creating your own Gutenberg blocks have never been this easily. Turn on a special checkbox in your view that will add a new Gutenberg block to your blocks library without any coding. All chosen fields will be available for population by admins, markup from the view will be used to display the block. Use the block sitewide, even multiple times per one page.

Video overview

Pro features video