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ACF Views for WordPress

Smart templates to display your content easily


Smart templates to display your content easily. Build-in post queries and automated template generation. Develop quickly, and maintain flexibility.
Note: “ACF Views” plugin requires the Advanced Custom Fields plugin to be enabled on your website (either Free or Pro version)

Display ACF Fields and Posts

Solve all these scenarios and more without coding.
Nearly all plugins use Custom Post Types (CPT) to store their data. Plugins like WooCommerce call it Products, whatever they’re called the ACF Views plugin supports it all.

Less time with less effort

Better than coding. See why here.
  • Select fields from a list, no need to worry about their names and return types
  • Auto-generated Twig template with the BEM methodology for class names
  • UI to define selection filters, no need to worry about DB query arguments
  • Editing theme templates via FTP is in the past
  • CSS and JS code can be added without hassle
  • Built-in features, like pagination to save hours of coding

How it works

View for ACF fields Create a View and assign one or more custom fields, our plugin then generates a shortcode that you’ll use to display the field values to users. Style the output with the CSS field included in every View.
Card for post-selection Create a Card and assign posts (or CPT items), choose a View (that will be used to display each item) and our plugin generates a shortcode that you’ll use to display the set of posts. The list of posts can be assigned manually or dynamically with filters.

Powerful Features

  • Display built-in post fields (like title or featured image) along with ACF fields. See Guide
  • Display post A in post B with its fields. See Guide
  • Define custom CSS and JS. See Guide
  • No style conflicts due to the BEM method used
  • Combine ACF fields from two different field groups. See Guide
  • Restrict visibility to specific user roles. See Guide

High Performance

Every wrapper has some overhead. We do our best to make this number as small as possible. One unique ACF View/Card on a page would only affect this by 0.01 seconds* overhead compared to the usual way with coding. It’s impossible to notice these tiny numbers visually without testing them. *More about the test here.

Get More with PRO

Do you need more? We have a PRO version with a lot more features:
See tutorials on our YouTube channel.

Multilingual field labels

We use the built-in WordPress translation function `__('field label', 'themeDomain')` for all the labels. This means you can translate the labels just like other strings, using your preferred multilingual plugin. See Guide

Video Overview

Pro features video