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Field labels can be translated, without having to create a separate View for each language.

Single View for different languages

We use the built-in WordPress translation function `__('field label', 'themeDomain')` for all the labels. This means you can translate the labels just like other strings, using your preferred multilingual plugin.
Therefore you no longer need to manually write each label, and then add it to the translation tool.
Create a folder called "acf-views-labels" within your theme, the ACF Views plugin will automatically write the labels to that directory when Views or Cards are saved. Using the folder method means you'll also be able to use the 'scan' feature in your translation tool, and it will load all the labels automatically.

Translate labels within templates (Pro)

Multilingual functions are also available in the Twig templates.
To translate labels within your Twig template, using `__('My heading')`.
When saving a View or Card, the ACF Views plugin will scan all these calls and add them to the file in the 'acf-views-labels' folder. In this way, auto-loading can be applied even for custom-defined labels within your templates.